Zhan Xi Lu

Guangzhou Zhan Xi Clothing Wholesale Market plays a important role in the China’s clothing wholesale market.There are a lot of fake famous brands clothes,bag,watch,shoes,mobile phone……

Bai Ma Garment wholesale market

Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market is the largest clothing market in Guangzhou,it can provide many type of clothes,such as suits, evening wear, casual wear, shirts, jackets, coats, underwear …

Liu Hua Clothes Wholesale market

Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market is the most advanced equipment, the most complete, and ancillary services the most perfect garment wholesale is act as a very important role in china garment wholesale market.

Jin Xiang Underwear Wholessale Market

Jin Xiang Underwear wholesale Square is the a professional wholesale market. It is China’s largest underwear and socks wholesale market.

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